• Over 40 hours of MCLE instruction from which to choose to interest and educate administrative law judges, hearing officers, practitioners, and others involved in the administrative hearing process;
  • Courses covering general areas of administrative hearings practice such as credibility assessment, due process, ethics, hearing safety and security, implicit bias, hearing conduct and control, decision writing, evidence (basic and advanced), managing hearings with self-represented litigants, diversity, equity and inclusion, hearsay, qualifying expert witnesses, and many more topics, taught by law professors, appellate judges, or knowledgeable, experienced administrative adjudicators who are also skilled presenters;
  • Sessions for specific types of administrative hearings and subtopics within administrative law;
  • Facilitated discussions on emerging topics in administrative law; and
  • Opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences, in both formal and informal settings, with administrative adjudicators, faculty, and practitioners from across the nation.

Who Should Attend?

  • Administrative Adjudicators
    • ALJs
    • Hearing Examiners
    • AJs
    • Hearing Officers
    • Board and Commission Members
  • Attorneys
  • Managers of Agency Adjudicators
  • Advocating Agency Representatives